Posted 11 months ago

Apple TV 6.0 missing movies

The other day I updated my Apple TV to the latest release 6.0. All seemed to go well and to be honest I didn’t notice much difference, but today my kids wanted to watch a certain movie and I noticed it wasn’t in the list any more.

On closer inspection I noticed seemingly random movies not available, about 20 in total. These are all legit rips I’ve done myself, all the same method with handbrake so I was fairly convinced it wasn’t the format.

After comparing two movies (one visible, one not) I finally spotted it. The media kind was set to Home Movie for the invisible one and Movie for the visible one. Eureka!!

So Apple TV now seems to hide any movies tagged as Home Movie. As yet I have no idea how you view Home Movies.

Now if you have a lot of movies like me (over 200) checking them all manually is a laborious task. So here’s the steps to do it in batch:

  1. create a smart play list with the rule “Media kind is Home Movie”
  2. select all, right click and choose Get Info
  3. Move to the options tab and change Media Kind to Movie
  4. Click OK and wait while iTunes updates all those movies

Voilà!, you should now be able to view all those missing movies in Apple TV.

Posted 1 year ago

Really pleased that a few scaffold boards, fence posts and elbow grease can produce.

Posted 1 year ago

Finally some wheels were I don’t look like I’m playing Mario Kart.

Posted 1 year ago

Vultrix turned 3 today! Wow, not a great deal to look back on so far. Better start posting more soon!!!!!

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Posted 1 year ago

Boys searching for treasure in the dark

Posted 1 year ago

3 years old and a keen mine crafter. That’s my boy :)

Posted 1 year ago

It lives, well kinda :)

Posted 1 year ago

And now for something completely different

After the Xmas period I thought long and hard about my current game
URNII. I learnt a lot from my failed Kickstarter, so my decision was
to park it for now and start the other project I was really excited to
try out.

I’m going to be really open with it and share all development
progress, getting as much community feedback as possible.

Andy Lunn

Posted 1 year ago

The new wheels… tracksuit ordered ;)

Posted 1 year ago

Would you want these two knocking on your door this Halloween? (Taken with Instagram)